5 common landing-page image mistakes

5 common landing-page image mistakes

Beautiful women always attract attention. Beautiful cars make passers-by turn and look. Beautifully packaged sells goods faster. Appearance is always the first thing to impress us.
And what kind of first impression does your landing page design leave? Did you know you have only a few seconds to capture a user’s attention before they move on to another site? On the Internet, pictures matter. If you don’t capture the user’s attention by the pictures on your site – he or she will close the tab.
However, there are 5 categories of images that will help you lose your customers faster than others. Check out these top-5 no-nos for choosing landing-page images – and try not to make the same mistakes. (more…)

10 landing page mistakes

10 mistakes in landing page design

Your landing-page design is your project’s highlight. It can give the user more information than any other words on the page. It’s like a girl’s make-up: if it’s neat and elegant, it looks up-market and beautiful; if you overuse the color or turn it into messy war paint, it seems cheap and frivolous.
But how can you create a wow-effect landing design, without overdoing it? Here are 10 common landing page mistakes, and 10 tips on how to fix them. (more…)

How to make your Facebook cover attract customers to your business page

How to make your Facebook cover attract customers to your business page

Your Facebook cover can be an excellent tool for attracting potential customers to your social network page. But what should the cover look like? What is the best Facebook cover size? What do you need to know about Facebook’s recent business-page redesign? We conducted a study, checked out hundreds of cover designs of world-famous brands and managed to answer all these questions. In this article, you’ll also find over 50 interesting Facebook covers to inspire you, 18 tips from global brands for your business-page design, and a couple of life hacks from our studio.

(This is the unchanged original version of the article that was written for Inspirationfeed) (more…)

100 easy-to-love iOS icons from around the world

It’s been over 10 years since the first iPhone appeared on the market. Users immediately appreciated its square ios app icon design with rounded corners. The icons were easy to click and gave a nice, neat orderliness to the screen. Only iOS icon designers were unhappy with the standard square icons – those square shapes limited the freedom for creative design. However, some experts decided to think out of the box. No squares would stop their creativity! In fact, the shape seemed to explode their creative thinking, and some true masterpieces began to appear in the AppStore.
This is the best ios app icon design collection we have gathered here for you. (more…)

How can an application’s icon design affect the number of app downloads?

How can an application’s icon design affect the number of app downloads?

How can you understand which app icon design will attract the most downloads? Even a professional designer with years of experience can’t answer this question with certainty. However, there’s a way to solve the problem: by ordering an app icon design that’s undergone A/B testing.
Roman Rudnik, the head of studio, wrote a column for SitePoint in which he describes his experiences in conducting A/B testing of a customer’s Google Play icon.
But they published a cut version, so we decided to publish the unchanged original in our blog, with some stunning and interesting details. Read it and you’ll find out how A/B testing works and how it helped us increase an application’s downloads by 34%. (more…)

Where to find examples of high-quality icons: 9 reference websites you need to know about

Where to find examples of high-quality app icons: 9 reference websites you need to know about

When a customer asks a designer to draw an app icon, the customer is concerned about two issues: the cost of the work, and the duration of the work. To answer these questions, the designer should have a clear understanding of the customer’s needs. It’s good when you, the customer, knows what a perfect application icon looks like – but what if you don’t know what you want?

There’s a simple answer: look at other work, and listen to yourself. To help you do that, we’ve listed nine websites that provide useful tips. (more…)

How to Talk to Your Designer: 7 Easy Rules

How to Talk to Your Designer: 7 Easy Rules

Correctly define the scope and critique drafts without offending

Even when you order web design from a professional, sometimes you might not understand each other and receive a sub-par result. Why does that happen?
Let’s look not at the designer’s mistakes, but at cases when the customer does something that negatively influences the artist’s motivation. (more…)

How to avoid being fooled by a designer or The 8 ways that designers can trick you

How to avoid being fooled by a designer or The 8 ways that designers can trick you

How do designers deceive their clients? How can you avoid paying through the nose and be left holding the bag? How to choose a graphic designer to avoid a deceit?

Sometimes, designers prove to be uncooperative, and the job goes sideways. This article contains information about our friend’s galling experience and some stunning examples from the Internet that describe the most common ways that designers can deceive their clients. Read this – and learn from the experiences of others to avoid the mistakes other clients made!

At the end of the article is a short checklist you can use to find out whether designer you’re unfamiliar with is trustworthy or not. (more…)

Стартовый экран игры RoadStory

From Sketch to Release: How to create an AppStore game you’ll want to play again and again

The process of developing the graphics for the Road Story game has become a fascinating quest, with fun activities and unexpected thrilling subject for us. We’re going to show you, step by step, how we created the artistic part of the game and what exactly came out of it. Let’s get started>>