How to avoid being fooled by a designer or The 8 ways that designers can trick you

How to avoid being fooled by a designer or The 8 ways that designers can trick you

How do designers deceive their clients? How can you avoid paying through the nose and be left holding the bag?

Sometimes, designers prove to be uncooperative, and the job goes sideways. This article contains information about our friend’s galling experience and some stunning examples from the Internet that describe the most common ways that designers can deceive their clients. Read this – and learn from the experiences of others to avoid the mistakes other clients made!

At the end of the article is a short checklist you can use to find out whether designer you’re unfamiliar with is trustworthy or not. (more…)

10 ways to increase website conversion or how to sell more software

If you are a geek like me, you should appreciate functionality. You believe that when you add a new feature to the app, sales will go up immediately. Thus you spend months to implement this new feature for your project. However, after the release sales do not go up and you start working on next new feature…

Nevertheless, there are easier ways to boost sales of your product. 20 minutes if spent wisely can increase your website conversion by dozens times. You just need to know what to pay attention to.

So what are the secrets? We have gathered 10 examples in this article. Look through them and try to implement them on your website.

Стартовый экран игры RoadStory

From Sketch to Release: How to create an AppStore game you’ll want to play again and again

The process of developing the graphics for the Road Story game has become a fascinating quest, with fun activities and unexpected thrilling subject for us. We’re going to show you, step by step, how we created the artistic part of the game and what exactly came out of it. Let’s get started>>