How to escape the most expensive mistake while you order landing page

How to escape the most expensive mistake while you order landing pages

Do you want to order your own landing page? Are you looking through different website designs? Take your time!

If you don’t, you might make a big mistake, which might exact a heavy price down the road.

Don’t search for just any designer to do the job. 

Let’s make the question clear:

Do you want to order a landing page? Choosing the right designer is a difficult task.

Do you want to order a landing page? Choosing the right designer is a difficult task.

The main reason for creating landing pages is to get conversions. On good landing pages, conversions are usually higher. Landing pages allow you to post all the information necessary to present your product and service. If you want to make it all clear for the site visitor, it’s wise to structure and present all the information in a logical way. It is easier to conduct tests on a single page, which can lead to higher conversions.  
Is this work that a designer deals with?  
To make a landing page sell profitably, it should be properly designed. Like a pie recipe – there are several layers of shortcake and cream, and only when they all are present do we have a real, rich taste. 

A landing page structure is multi-layered.

A landing page structure is multi-layered.

A landing page has a definite structure :

  • The semantic layer – this is the message you want to convey to the customer. The main purpose of this step is to make a quality-requirement specification, a sort of skeleton for the web page.  The Marketing Specialist, in conjunction with the owner, identifies the key advantages of your business. They then create a so-called prototype, with accurate references to what will work most effectively on your landing page and where to locate it. Next, a copywriter writes catchy and intelligible headlines. It’s important to think everything through carefully at this step. It’s easy and fast to make changes now – but if you want to make modifications to this layer later, you have to pay all the specialists involved for the additional work.
  • The visual layer includes photographs, images, diagrams and pictures –all of which should support the meaning you created during the last stage. Here, the designer and usability specialist take up their brushes and colors.    The quality of your prototype determines how well your idea will be conveyed. Don’t expect the designer to think about your business and how to make the page sell more. His only task is to make it attractive and to convey the business idea graphically. But he doesn’t come up with the sales ideas.
  • The technical layer involves the download speed, layout, and everything else that the technicians – the designer, the programmer and the tester – clean up. The main goal at this stage is to bring the graphic designer’s work to life and make a page that will display and run without errors on anyone’s computer or smartphone.
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The next 2 layers affect all the above work stages.

  • The conversion layer – these are hooks, the main purpose of which is to increase conversions on your site: triggers, headlines, profitable  offers, etc. They should be taken care of during the development of the technical assignment. It is a headache for a marketer.
  • The analytical layer is everything that will later help you analyze your landing page’s effectiveness. This is when analysts enter the arena and use utm-tags, Google Analytics, Yandex., Metrica and other tools to test user behavior on your landing page and pinpoint what can be improved.

Theoretically, as you can see, the creation of a high-quality landing page is carried out by an entire team. But in real life, you need an option that works for you and your budget. The most expensive option is to hire someone to do everything for you. The cheapest way is to do everything yourself by taking over the functions of all the above-described specialists. To choose how much to pay, you kind of drag the slider between the first and second option. More expensive means not being involved in the process and doing less yourself. Cheaper means using more of your own work and knowledge. But all the stages we’ve outlined should still be present.

We are often approached by customers who ask us to create landing pages without text. “Just make a design, and our copywriter will write something for your template,” they say. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. I hope I’ve managed to convince you that a landing page is not just the designer’s job. Design is only one stage in the work of creating a landing page. Start your work by identifying the strong sides of your business and creating a quality requirement specification and text. Only then should you look for a designer. Go through the remaining layers, which we have described above – and those high conversions won’t be long in coming!

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