How to identify your business’s strengths: 45 ideas for your landing page 

How to identify your business’s strengths: 45 ideas for your landing page 

Three shops were built next to each other.

The owner of the one on the left made a sign that read: “We have the lowest prices”.

The owner of the one on the right made a sign that read: “We have the best-quality products”.

The owner of the middle shop thought for some time, and then put up a sign with the words: “Main entrance here” above his door.

(an Internet joke)

We decide whether to enter a new shop or not by looking at its shop window. This is why the best products and decorations are displayed there, together with information about sales or discounts. Your landing page is a sort of a shop window for your business. It’s supposed to draw attention; it should describe your business in a brief and vivid way, and make the user click on the button you want to be clicked. However, a lot of business owners make a mistake by not highlighting the strong points of their business; moreover, they may not think those strong points even exist. 

In this field, it’s very important to show the best cards you’ve got to beat the competitors.  

In this field, it’s very important to show the best cards you’ve got to beat the competitors.

We have prepared 45 simple questions about your business. Answering them will help you structure your thoughts. While composing your answers, consider whether this information will be useful to your clients or increase your ratings. If you think it will, then this information definitely should be added to your landing page. Mark these kind of answers with a “+” sigh. This will give you a list of your business’s strong points. After that, select the most valid arguments and start creating a prototype. 

We made this questionnaire so you can easily identify the strong points of your business and talk about them on your landing page. The questions will make you think about what distinguishes your products or service among your competitors. Please answer honestly – see through the comments and examples. They are here to help you. If the answer to your question may be interesting to your customers, put a “+” next to it. They are the ones that will define your landing page’s content. 
Here they are:

45 questions that will make your landing page more effective

1. What unique things do you offer? Could it be a rare or one-of-a-kind product? Do you provide a unique service?

2. What kind of problem does your product solve? Describe exactly how your product or service can solve it.

3. What other products are comparable to yours? Why is your product better? When the product is not familiar to the customers, try comparing it with a well-known similar product, and point out the advantages of yours. 

4. What do the additional materials that come with the original product look like? Often, accessories and supplements become something that makes the difference for the customer. 

5. What is the name of your company, and why? Perhaps the name is associated with some kind of an interesting story that goes far into the past. The story of how your company came to be will make its name memorable, and the fact that your company originated a long time ago will help you get certain credibility among your customers. 

6. What kind of cases, portfolios, and examples of work do you have? If you have something to be proud of, put it on your landing page. 

7. How did the idea of your business come around? Perhaps you had a certain problem and came up with a nice solution that you can now offer to other people.

8. Is it possible to divide your products in certain groups by regions, by customer type, by effect? If it is, it’ll be a good idea to divide them. 

9. What are your business venues? High-rise buildings or facilities can say a lot about how serious your business is. 

10. What automation systems are implemented? If you have some kind of automated process or there is a unique technology, give yourself another “+” mark. 

11. Who is the front man of your company? People tend to believe a company more when they know a person by sight.

12. What did your ancestors do? Keeping a family business shows the credibility of your company.

13. What kind of education have you got? If it’s a specialized one and you’ve got a certain number of diplomas – add another “+”

14. Did you have a famous expert as your teacher? If you learned from well-known craftsmen and are carrying on their work – put this information on your landing page. 

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15. Did you study at a professional career school? If you gained your knowledge from a well-known school, there’s a good chance that you’ll impress its fans. 

16. What does your organizational structure look like? Tell your customers which people are in charge of particular things your company.

17. What are the employee requirements? How does your company train and professionally develop its workers? Having strict requirements and continuous professional development of your employees means that the people who work for you are professionals.

18. Who are your clients? Are there any famous people among them? Advertise your clients. By making them stronger, you become stronger, too. A star client won’t work with a fly-by-night contractor.

19. What are your signature projects or achievements? Show off all of your awards and diplomas. It’s always a big plus.

20. Have you worked with government agencies? If you have performed certain actions for the benefit of the state, you seem trustworthy.

21. What are the most common client concerns, fears or stereotypes? Don’t be afraid to voice your clients’ fears; it’s a good chance to show how you can get rid of them. 

22. Can you estimate how much money you helped people save or earn? Don’t be afraid to talk numbers. Large figures leave a serious impression. 

23. What are the main steps you take before completing the work? How do you manage your client after the purchase has taken place? The client wants to be sure you’re not playing fast and loose. 

24. What are the best promo offers you’ve had? Share your personal stories of success. 

25. Do you give presents to your clients? If you can offer something – do it. It will bring out positive emotions among your clients. 

26. How do you deliver goods? Sometimes delivery is a key point.

27. What kind of sales or discounts do you provide?

28. How do you control your quality? If you’re concerned about the good quality of your products – say so. This might be the thing your customers care about the most.

29. Does your business provide a no-cost first entry? Give an opportunity to download a trial version or test a product. 

30. Are there any press articles about your company? If your company is well portrayed in the media, don’t keep it a secret.  

31. Are there any books written by the company’s key people? If you write books and give advice to others, you can be trusted.

32. Do you have any licenses or certificates that confirm your qualifications?

33. Is your company a member of certain guild or association, etc.?

34. Does your company own any patents or copyrights for its own developments or implementations?

35. Does your company organize any important professional events?

36. Do you manufacture certain elements by hand? Manual work is always highly prized.

37. What kind of office, shop, premises or showroom do you have? Show pictures of your work space if they appear well-established.

38. What kind equipment do you use for work? Show your equipment, machines, or production assets. 

39. Do you use any software or programs of your own? Being able to provide a service through the Internet is always a bonus for your client.

40. Do you have any signature suppliers or contractors? If you work with ones that are widely trusted, tell people about it.

41. Have you got your own branded transport or souvenir products? Show them. 

42. Do you use any unique materials, technologies or approaches? 

43. Do you have your own secrets or know-how technologies? You don’t necessarily have to unravel the secret, but you can always mention that you have them.

44. Do any unique specialists work for you? Tell people about them, and their army of admirers will side with you. 

45. Are there any small details or little things in your products that can prove their quality? Give users an opportunity to take a closer look at them.

Of course, pushing the whole lot of 45 points into a single landing page is impossible. Just rank them according to how valuable this information might be to your target audience, and choose the ones you’re really proud of. Now it’s the time for the next step – creating the prototype for your landing page. Good luck!

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