Sales Lead Forms: Choosing the Optimal Size According to the Research Results

Lead Form (or Capture Form)  is one of the main parts of a website or landing page where the user can give his or her own personal information. It helps the user subscribe to newsletters or contact the company. Today, we show you how changing the size of a simple lead form can increase a website’s conversion rate by 120 – 240%.

If there are too many fields in a form, the user’s desire to fill them decreases. However, if there are only a few fields then you get less information about the user.

So how can you choose the optimal lead form size? (more…)

how to build a landing page that converts: the ISDEF case

How to create a landing page that increases sales: the ISDEF case

When turning to us, most customers want to improve the external appearance of their IT product. Many of them do not understand that only presenting beautiful graphics is not enough to generate leads and new customers. It’s better to solve the problem in a more complex way – to present the business in a new “package”. I will illustrate this idea through our client’s case. We helped him to increase sales by 25% and created a universal structure for a landing page, which became a reference for later landing pages. In this article, we want to tell you how to build a landing page that converts, about our deep immersion in the activities of the customer and solving his problem with the help of “business packaging”.


How can a new android app icon design affect the number of app downloads?

Case: How to increase application downloads by 14.2% using a new android app icon design

This is another case on how to increase application downloads using a new android app icon design and A/B testing on Google Play. During the experiment, we conducted 16 A/B tests, changed 6 design concepts, encountered an anomaly, and almost missed an important detail – but once again proved that a new icon design alone can increase an application’s organic downloads.


10 ways to increase website conversion or how to sell more software

If you are a geek like me, you should appreciate functionality. You believe that when you add a new feature to the app, sales will go up immediately. Thus you spend months to implement this new feature for your project. However, after the release sales do not go up and you start working on next new feature…

Nevertheless, there are easier ways to boost sales of your product. 20 minutes if spent wisely can increase your website conversion by dozens times. You just need to know what to pay attention to.

So what are the secrets? We have gathered 10 examples in this article. Look through them and try to implement them on your website.

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