How to create a landing page that increases sales: the ISDEF case

How to create a landing page that increases sales: the ISDEF case

When turning to us, most customers want to improve the external appearance of their IT product. Many of them do not understand that only presenting beautiful graphics is not enough to generate leads and new customers. It’s better to solve the problem in a more complex way – to present the business in a new “package”. I will illustrate this idea through our client’s case. We helped him to increase sales by 25% and created a universal structure for a landing page, which became a reference for later landing pages. In this article, you’ll read about our deep immersion in the activities of the customer and solving his problem with the help of “business packaging”.


How can an application’s icon design affect the number of app downloads?

Case: How to increase application downloads by 14.2% using a new icon design

This is another case on how to increase application downloads using a new icon design and A/B testing on Google Play. During the experiment, we conducted 16 A/B tests, changed 6 design concepts, encountered an anomaly, and almost missed an important detail – but once again proved that a new icon design alone can increase an application’s organic downloads.


5 common landing-page image mistakes

5 common landing-page image mistakes

Beautiful women always attract attention. Beautiful cars make passers-by turn and look. Beautifully packaged sells goods faster. Appearance is always the first thing to impress us.
And what kind of first impression does your landing page design leave? Did you know you have only a few seconds to capture a user’s attention before they move on to another site? On the Internet, pictures matter. If you don’t capture the user’s attention by the pictures on your site – he or she will close the tab.
However, there are 5 categories of images that will help you lose your customers faster than others. Check out these top-5 no-nos for choosing landing-page images – and try not to make the same mistakes. (more…)

10 mistakes in landing-page design

10 mistakes in landing page design

Your landing-page design is your project’s highlight. It can give the user more information than any other words on the page. It’s like a girl’s make-up: if it’s neat and elegant, it looks up-market and beautiful; if you overuse the color or turn it into messy war paint, it seems cheap and frivolous.
But how can you create a wow-effect landing design, without overdoing it? Here are 10 common landing page mistakes, and 10 tips on how to fix them. (more…)

How to make your Facebook cover attract customers to your business page

How to make your Facebook cover attract customers to your business page

Your Facebook cover can be an excellent tool for attracting potential customers to your social network page. But what should the cover look like? What is the best Facebook cover size? What do you need to know about Facebook’s recent business-page redesign? We conducted a study, checked out hundreds of cover designs of world-famous brands and managed to answer all these questions. In this article, you’ll also find over 50 interesting Facebook covers to inspire you, 18 tips from global brands for your business-page design, and a couple of life hacks from our studio.

(This is the unchanged original version of the article that was written for Inspirationfeed) (more…)

How can an application’s icon design affect the number of app downloads?

How can an application’s icon design affect the number of app downloads?

How can you understand which icon design will attract the most downloads? Even a professional designer with years of experience can’t answer this question with certainty. However, there’s a way to solve the problem: by ordering an icon design that’s undergone A/B testing.
Roman Rudnik, the head of studio, wrote a column for SitePoint in which he describes his experiences in conducting A/B testing of a customer’s Google Play icon.
But they published a cut version, so we decided to publish the unchanged original in our blog, with some stunning and interesting details. Read it and you’ll find out how A/B testing works and how it helped us increase an application’s downloads by 34%. (more…)

10 ways to increase website conversion or how to sell more software

If you are a geek like me, you should appreciate functionality. You believe that when you add a new feature to the app, sales will go up immediately. Thus you spend months to implement this new feature for your project. However, after the release sales do not go up and you start working on next new feature…

Nevertheless, there are easier ways to boost sales of your product. 20 minutes if spent wisely can increase your website conversion by dozens times. You just need to know what to pay attention to.

So what are the secrets? We have gathered 10 examples in this article. Look through them and try to implement them on your website.

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